Services for the Customer

  • How do I delete a project?
    No way. It is impossible to completely delete your project from the site.

    However, it can be closed. To do this, select your project in your personal account and click the "Remove from publication" button. After that, your order will be assigned the status "Closed project".

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  • How to place the project correctly?

    To do this, you need to go to the "Projects" menu and click the "Add a project" button. Give your project a short Title, from which the artists will immediately understand the essence of the order. In the "Description" field, describe in detail all the nuances of your project. Specify the desired "Specialization" in the appropriate field. Specify the Price – the amount that you are willing to pay for the execution of the order. If you have not decided on the price, then you can leave this field empty.

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  • How can I extend the project?

    You can extend the time for collecting offers for project by selecting the project itself in your profile and clicking the "Edit" button. In the form that appears, find the field "Accepting applications" and click the Edit button, then specify the desired deadline. Save the changes and you're done – your project is published again!

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  • Who can make offers to my projects?

    Only users registered on the site as Artists can make offers to your projects.

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  • How do I get notifications about responses to my projects?

    You can control notifications in your account settings. Notifications about the offers received will be sent to your email address. The offers themselves are sent to you as a messages in Offers page of the Project.

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