Portfolio Settings

  • How do I add completed work to my portfolio?

    You can add a completed work to your Portfolio on the Portfolio tab in your profile. Enter the name of your work in the appropriate field. Other required fields are Description and Section. You can add any additional information that you deem necessary: special conditions, reviews, difficulties that you have encountered, and so on. In addition, you can specify the time that you spent on completing the work.

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  • What attachment formats does the site support?

    All available formats are indicated in the comments next to the corresponding button for uploading images and files.

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  • How can I change my specialization and category?

    To do this, go to your profile settings and find the "Specializations and skills" section. There, click on the drop-down list of Specializations and select the new specialization in which you want to work.

    Owners of free accounts can specify only one "Main specialization".

    You can expand your capabilities by buying a "Pro" account. You can do this in the "Paid Services" section. Owners of extended accounts can choose several Specializations.

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  • When should I change my specialization?
    We usually do not recommend changing your specialization. By changing it, you can mislead users who have added you to the "Favorites" by a certain label. Therefore, approach the choice of specialization with special attention.

    However, you can expand the number of specializations available for simultaneous selection by going to the "Pro" account in the "Paid Services" section.

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