• What data should I specify?

    Specify all the data that will help you contact, communicate and respond to your projects. Last name and first name – certainly, as well as convenient ways of communication for you – phone number, links to your pages in social networks that are convenient for you, skype, telegram and the like. The indication of such data demonstrates the seriousness of the posted project and the intention to accept applications for your project.

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  • Will I receive notifications about responses to my orders?

    Notifications about the responses received can be sent to you at the specified email address. The answers themselves come to you as a personal message on the site. You can control them in your profile.

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  • Why should I register at all?

    To use all the features of the site: submit applications for project work, search for artists, communicate with respondents, and so on. In addition, you will have your own rating and reviews, which will greatly simplify further interaction with other users

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  • Why should I specify the region?

    To find a customer or artist nearby. This can significantly simplify the delivery of materials or finished works, and awareness of proximity to the customer can speed up the progress of work. If the execution of the order in your region is not required, you can leave it blank.

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  • And if the region is not in the list?

    It's okay! Just use the one that is larger or one that nearest to you. Also you can contact us to add your region to the list.                         

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